Doug Hood Mining

Strongman 2 Opencast Coal Mine, West Coast, South Island

July 1, 2006

Between 2001 and 2006 Doug Hood Mining was principal mining contractor at Solid Energy’s Strongman 2 opencast coal mine, 25km north of Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island.

This contract involved drill, blast and high ratio overburden stripping to mine multiple coal seams of varying rank.

This contract was originally let for $16.0M for 3.5M m3 overburden & 700k tonnes of coal with a completion date of April 2004.

Variations and additional work associated with ‘hot rock’ conditions extended the scope and duration of this contract requiring additional rehabilitation work.

Due to the rough nature of the terrain and the environmental constraints / conditions imposed on this site, specialised blasting techniques were developed to minimise fly rock from perimeter edge blasting.

Final quantities mined were 5.9M m3 of overburden and 1.0M tonnes of coal.

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