Doug Hood Mining


From time to time we seek personnel across a range of positions for specific mining and civil engineering projects and our rebuild and site workshops.


We employ operators on a wide range of machinery however most start on articulated and rigid dump trucks. With experience and aptitude operators may progress to other machines. We typically source Supervisors “from the coalface”, identifying those with operating, planning and leadership skills, and we provide appropriate training and development.


The roles within our workshops vary but will include mechanical and engineering based on and off-site. Personnel are required to be flexible around work activities to maintain the service capability and standard expected of the workshop.


Attributes of people we like to recruit who become valued members of the Doug Hood Mining team:

  1. We like candidates who can report fit for work every day by managing their lifestyle to meet job requirements including:
    • A responsible attitude to alcohol at all times.
    • Freedom from recreational drugs and disciplined with prescribed medicines.
    • Sleep habits ensuring sleep of sufficient quantity and good quality.
    • An attitude to diet that matches the individual’s energy needs.
    • Appropriate daily physical activity including exercise.
    • Placing importance on maintaining relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and the community.
  2. Operators with class 1 driver licence, and workshop candidates with class 2 as a minimum and wheel and track endorsements.
  3. For operators a background in mining, civil construction, forestry, and agricultural or road transport driving is ideal however a candidate’s attitude and preparation are also important.
  4. For workshop positions including mechanical, engineering, panelbeating, and electrical, a trade certificate is traditionally preferred however significant experience and skill are valuable attributes that will be equally considered.
  5. Both operations and workshop need clerical and administration staff with accurate and efficient data entry, word processing and spreadsheet skills, and who are happy working in a close-knit team and delivering to regular schedules.
  6. Those who have been in the workforce for a while, having completed periods of employment of over 3 years duration with each employer can demonstrate an ability to stick it out and adapt to a company’s culture, work processes and standards.
  7. For technical roles we generally require a relevant diploma or degree.
  8. As an equal opportunity employer we welcome all applicants keen to apply themselves to our civil and mining work environment and take good care of machinery and equipment.

Doug Hood Mining works with all new employees to ensure that as a team we complete all contracts safely and to a high standard and continue as a preferred contractor in our field.

We welcome enquiries from those interested in working with and for us in the future. Either complete the General Employment Form above or contact Andrew Jaspersmith on 0274455463.