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Stockton Mine A18 earth dam embankment lift

December 11, 2017

In early 2017 we commenced earthworks at Stockton Mine to raise the height of the A18 earth dam embankment to increase the dam’s storage capacity. This work has been seasonal due to compaction and earthmoving being sensitive to moisture content.

Dam construction utilises EC290 and EC360 excavators, A40E articulated dump trucks, D8T dozer, 16H grader and steel drum roller.

 The crew selects, processes and excavates material from several borrow pits, and carts on haulroads and modified haulage routes on the embankment into one of three zones – impermeable, transition and bulk. The material is dumped and dozer pushed into layers. A grader is used to maintain access across the embankment to each zone. Compaction is provided by truck roll in bulk and transition zones and vibrating steel drum roller in the impermeable zone.

 The impermeable zone (1m thick in cross-section) on the wet face of the dam requires the compaction of 400mm all-in sandstone or granite to target-density with the vibrating roller.

 The site is very susceptible to wet weather, more-so during the winter months, with material easily saturated. Construction therefore requires maximum use of fine weather to dry out and progress the works before sealing the fill, bunding, and roads, and reinstating drainage channels ready for the next rain event.

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