Doug Hood Mining

SH5 Tumunui Realignment, Rotorua, North Island

May 31, 1998

Accelerated road construction due to moisture sensitive materials

This 2km Transit New Zealand/Rotorua District Council project, contracted for $3.1M, started in May 1997 and completed in April 1998, 6 months early.

Work involved constructing a 425,000m3 engineered fill comprising 40% moisture sensitive ash, of which careful management was required to complete the earthworks successfully.

The location and extent of moisture sensitive material (Taupo ash) was identified early, and effort was initially concentrated on completing the earthworks involving this material during the relatively dry summer months.

Structures constructed included a 4.8m dia multiplate culvert, two x 2.8m diameter Helcor stock underpasses and two large precast underpasses.

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