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Project Manager “nails it on paper”

October 15, 2012

Rangi Hicks, Project Manager of the recently completed SENZ Reddale opencast coalmine contract, completed the EXITO level 5 National Diploma in Extractive Industries Management – Surface Extraction in late 2011.

The following is an extract from an article about Rangi’s achievement which first appeared in an EXITO newsletter in November 2011, reproduced here with permission:

Rangi Hicks of Doug Hood Mining Limited has completed his National Diploma in Extractive Industries (Management) Level 5 (Surface Extraction), which brings his impressive tally to six extractive industry qualifications! Rangi has completed nearly everything in Surface Extraction from Level 2 to 5 during his 30 years with Doug Hood, also picking up Shotfiring, B-Grade and A-Grade certificates along the way.

Rangi after presentation of his National Diploma

Rangi began his career operating an S24 scraper for Doug Hood. With time and hard work he was promoted to Supervisor, and from there Contract/Project Manager. “That’s how it went back then” reflected Rangi, on his rise through the ranks at Doug Hood.

The National Diploma gave Rangi a target to work towards and recognised the skills he had developed from a lifetime in the industry. Learning during the qualification made him revise how he had previously done things and take on a different style of management. He felt it would give him and Doug Hood an advantage in the tendering process for new work. When presented with his Diploma Rangi was pleased to have “nailed it on paper”.

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