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McConnell Dowell-Sumner Road wins NZ Minerals Sector 2019 Award

June 5, 2019

McConnell Dowell Constructors (MCD) was presented with the Health and Safety Initiative Award at the NZ Minerals Forum 2019 Awards evening.

Their winning entry was the Sumner Road Geotechnical Remediation: Rockfall Risk Management System, a programme of mitigation measures designed to minimise risk from rockfall during the Sumner Road rebuild project.

The judges stated:
“What made McConnell Dowell’s an interesting entry in the Minerals Sector awards was that they had identified a spectacular problem – rocks falling on workers – realised they weren’t able to manage the risks, and figured out how to turn that around.
The zero TRIFR result tells the story. The Sumner Road site could have been an accident waiting to happen and it wasn’t, quite the opposite.
Well done to McConnell Dowell for winning this prestigious award at the NZ Minerals Forum 2019”.

The original tender/construction team including head contractor McConnell Dowell with subcontractors Doug Hood Mining, Beca and Geovert was responsibility for developing and implementing the rockfall risk mitigation regime.

A description of our part of the Sumner Road contract is available here.

From left: Wayne Scott-Minex, Aidan Brannan-MCD, Marianne Rogers-MCD, Hudson Klein-MCD, Farrukh Gondal-MCD, Peter Bawden-Christchurch City Council.


As above with from second left: Rangi Hicks & Kevin Davies-Doug Hood Mining.


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